Atari Corp. – Business Is War

Atari Corp. – Business Is War is the true story behind the company helmed by the legendary businessman Jack Tramiel. Recently ousted from the company he founded, Commodore International, the Auschwitz survivor and computer industry titan (who regularly equated business to war) started over in a hostile landscape and against mass amounts of inherited debt. Atari Corporation was Jack’s last attempt at recapturing his earlier success while keeping the Atari brand going strong during a time of changing industries and the companies behind them.


Told directly by the people who worked at Atari Corporation, Atari Corp. – Business Is War tells the personal stories behind the company and such ground breaking products like the Atari ST line of computers, the Atari 7800, the Atari Lynx and the Atari Jaguar.


Lasting over a decade, the company finally succumbed to the coming dominance of the Wintel computer platform and video game trifecta of Nintendo, SEGA and Sony in 1996. But not before it’s innovations and legacies influenced generations of computer users, video game players, musicians and more!


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